Warranty Policy

EAG Warranty Policy

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence:

At European Auto Group (EAG), our reputation is built on the exceptional quality and performance of our precision-crafted gated manual conversion kits and replacement parts. We understand the importance of trust and reliability in the automotive industry, which is why we back our products with a robust 2-year warranty policy. This comprehensive coverage is designed to provide you with peace of mind and assurance in the enduring value and performance of our products.

2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty:

EAG's commitment to excellence is underscored by our 2-year warranty, covering both parts and labor for all components we design, create, and manufacture. This warranty stands as a testament to our confidence in the quality, durability, and reliability of our products. It reflects our commitment to delivering components that meet and exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

Labor Warranty:

Labor performed at EAG's state-of-the-art facility is covered under our 2-year warranty. Our team of expert technicians and specialists take pride in their work, providing precision and attention to detail in every service. We ensure that any issues encountered will be addressed promptly and professionally, upholding the highest standards of workmanship.

Parts Warranty:

Our parts warranty extends for 2 years, safeguarding against product defects and premature failures arising from normal use. Each part is meticulously engineered and tested to meet the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. This warranty reflects our commitment to your satisfaction and trust in the EAG brand.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations:

While our warranty aims to cover a broad range of scenarios, we also recognize the importance of clearly defining its exclusions and limitations:

Outside Labor:

EAG's labor warranty is exclusively applicable to services performed at our facility. For installations carried out by an affiliate, partner, authorized dealer, or self-installation by the client, EAG does not assume liability for any labor-related claims. We encourage clients to direct issues arising from third-party installations to the respective facility.

Misuse and Track Use:

Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, driver error, abusive behavior, or any track use, racing, or exhibition events. Such conditions present extenuating circumstances that fall outside the scope of our standard warranty.

Investigation Rights:

EAG reserves the right to conduct thorough investigations to determine the cause of any failure. This diligent process ensures the validity of warranty claims and upholds our commitment to fairness and accuracy in all assessments.

Fraudulent Claims:

Integrity is at the heart of our operations. We reserve the right to deny any claims involving fraudulent misrepresentation or deceitful information. Our transparent and honest warranty process is designed to benefit all our genuine and valued clients.


 EAG Warranty: Claims Denial, Approval, and Payment Process


To ensure the integrity and efficiency of our warranty service, EAG has established the following procedure for warranty claims:


  1. Submission of Claim:

    • All warranty claims must be initially submitted through the designated contact form. This is a mandatory first step for any claim processing.
    • Upon receiving your claim, EAG will either recommend a certified service facility or collaborate with your chosen authorized service center to assess the warranty claim. This assessment will focus on identifying issues or failures that fall under warranty coverage.
  2. Pre-Approval Requirement:

    • EAG requires pre-approval of all warranty claims. Services rendered without prior submission of a claim and explicit consent from EAG are not eligible for coverage.
    • Any repair or service work undertaken without EAG’s explicit consent will be deemed null and void for warranty purposes. Such actions will not be eligible for payment or assistance under the warranty terms.
  3. Authorized Service Facilities:

    • Warranty coverage is valid only when services are performed by an EAG-approved facility or technician. Work conducted by unauthorized dealers, repair shops, or individuals may result in the voiding of the warranty claim and potentially the entire warranty.
  4. Right to Modify Warranty Terms:

    • EAG reserves the right to alter, change, or cancel any warranty periods, particularly in cases where work has commenced without the required approval of EAG.
  5. Claim Denial and Approval:

    • Following the assessment of the claim, EAG will determine its validity based on our warranty terms and conditions. Claimants will be notified of the approval or denial of their claims.
  6. Claim Payment:

    • Approved claims will follow a structured payment process as outlined by EAG. Details of this process will be communicated to the claimant upon claim approval.


Note: It is crucial for warranty holders to adhere to these guidelines to ensure their warranty claims are processed efficiently and effectively. Non-compliance with any of these steps may result in the denial of the claim or voiding of the warranty.


Your Satisfaction, Our Priority:

Your satisfaction and trust are paramount to us. At EAG, we strive to not only provide high-quality products but also a warranty policy that underscores our dedication to your long-term satisfaction. We encourage open communication and are committed to resolving any issues to the highest standards. Should you need to initiate a warranty claim or have any questions, please reach out to us at (737) 307-3556 or sales@eagusa.com.

To submit a warranty claim, please use the form provided below. Once reviewed, an EAG representative will be in touch regarding the next steps and resolutions, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory process.