Our Story


Our Story: European Auto Group (EAG) — Pioneering Perfection in Manual Conversions

In the heart of Texas, where innovation thrives, European Auto Group (EAG) was born from a passion for the artistry and performance of luxury European vehicles. Our story transcends cars; it's about the relentless pursuit of excellence and offering something unique to aficionados of elite automotive engineering, especially those seeking Ferrari and Lamborghini 6-speed manual conversions.

The Birth of a Vision:

Our journey began with a vision to fill a gap in the market — enhancing the stellar performance of high-end vehicles like Ferrari and Lamborghini with specialized 6-speed manual conversions. This vision, fueled by an understanding of driving enthusiasts' desires for a tactile and engaging experience, led to the creation of EAG's bespoke conversion services.

Redefining Automotive Excellence:

With extensive research and development in hardware and engine management software, we've delved deep into what makes a car special. Our Ferrari 430 Scuderia manual transmission conversion exemplifies our dedication and craftsmanship. Each project is a comprehensive conversion, reimagining Ferrari and Lamborghini vehicles with precision and respect for their storied heritage. It's a transformation that enhances both the vehicle's personality and performance.

Innovation at its Core:

Innovation is EAG's lifeblood. We specialize in reengineering the driving experience through gated manual conversions, redefining how drivers connect with their cars. Our meticulous process involves everything from CAD design and advanced prototyping to precision CNC machining. Our work sets new industry standards, proving that even the most sophisticated vehicles can reach new heights of performance and enjoyment.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Today, EAG is a leader in the automotive world, known for unparalleled manual conversions and a dedication to quality. Our story, shared and celebrated by enthusiasts and experts alike, has earned us a respected place in the automotive community. We're about changing perceptions and elevating the driving experience to previously unimagined levels.

Driving into the Future:

As we push the boundaries of what's possible, our story continues. Every car that passes through our doors leaves with a mark of excellence and innovation. Join our journey and be part of a community where passion meets performance, and every drive is a testament to the art of automotive excellence.