Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Carbon Console for Gated Manual

$2,990.00 - $3,490.00

Exclusive Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Carbon Console for 6-Speed Gated Manual Conversion

Discover the pinnacle of customization with EAG's bespoke Carbon Console, meticulously crafted for the 6-Speed Gated Manual Conversion of the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. Originally unavailable from the factory in a gated manual configuration, the iconic 360 Challenge Stradale can now be transformed with precision and style. Our conversion kit and this specially designed carbon console unite to revolutionize your driving experience.

EAG has ingeniously engineered a custom Carbon Center Console to seamlessly integrate with the manual conversion, mirroring and maintaining the factory design of the F1 console while incorporating the iconic look of the Challenge Stradale interior. This unique console is exclusively available through EAG, ensuring your converted vehicle retains its authentic Ferrari spirit coupled with the tactile joy of a gated manual.

Key Features:

  • Precision Crafted: Custom-designed to complement the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale’s aesthetics and functionality.
  • Exclusive Design: Maintain the iconic Challenge Stradale interior look with a unique console available only through EAG.
  • Quality Material: Made from high-grade carbon fiber, ensuring durability and a premium finish.
  • Perfect Integration: Designed to fit seamlessly with EAG’s 6-Speed Gated Manual Conversion Kit, ensuring a flawless transformation.

Elevate your Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale with a conversion that's not just about enhanced performance but also about an unmatched aesthetic experience. Choose EAG’s Carbon Console for a transformation that respects the essence of your vehicle while marking it as truly one-of-a-kind.

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