Ferrari 360 6 Speed Conversion Kit

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Enhance your overall driving experience and cars value by purchasing our 6 Speed Conversion Kit for you Ferrari 360. The Ferrari F1 system, when needing service for being faulty, can cost up to $30,000. This is a great solution to help get rid of a problamtic system and solidify your Ferrari with a proven and reliable set up. Not only will you get a better driving experience but you are increasing the value of your Ferrari given todays market with 6-speed conversions. 


We are excited to see that our conversions are upholding the quality standard that we set. We had a EAG converted Ferrari 360 sell for $130K on which at the time was the 3rd highest ever recorded 360 to sell to date (apart from the Challenge cars). This car superseeded many factory gated 6 speed cars that have been listed on their website. Take a look for yourself:


We also recently had a private sale of Ferrari 360 sell for 165K


If you have any questions about our Ferrari 360 kits, please feel free to reach out to us at (210)780-7660 or shoot us an email at


We will supply a warranty for our parts kit if the end user is installing a NEW Clutch and Flywheel assembly, when performing the swap.