Sold: 2007 Ferrari F430 6 Speed

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This beautiful 2007 F430 has 12,800 miles on the odometer, finished in Ferrari's Grigio Silverstone Grey and Black leather interior with colored stitch. Daytona seats were optioned with electric power adjustments, leather finished door sills, and HIFI stereo system. Recently converted from its original F1 Automated transmission control to a Gated Mechanical 6 speed with a 3rd pedal. This is the third iteration of the Manual Conversion line from EAG and features upgraded components and materials for the ultimate driver experience. Components include CNC Billet Aluminum 6061 Shift tower assembly with upgraded Nylon 12 CF internal components and CNC Billet Aluminum reverse bushing. You will also find an upgraded Clutch Master cylinder with a tighter and more engaging feel over the factory OEM counterpart. External control components have also been remastered and use the finest material and machining processes presently available.
-All interior sticky buttons have been refinished, there's no prior paint work, accident, or any damage to this F430, clean title and clean CarFax vehicle. The front quarters and front bumper have Xpel protective film.
-SERVICES: During the conversion included, complete inspection of all components, new clutch assembly, motor mounts and transmission mount replaced, headers inspected, engine oil and filter replaced, coolant flush performed, new fluid for the electronic E-Differential system, DOT4 Fluid for hydraulic braking and clutch operation with bleed. Upgraded clutch distribution block from Hill Engineering, Clutch release bearing seals replaced as part of the conversion, engine air filters and cabin air filter replaced, new spark plugs installed, and new clamps on all intake air boots.
-WHATS INCLUDED: Original window sticker, All Books and Manuals including Ferrari VIP build book, Flash Light, Audio Card, Floor Mats, and 2 Keys, 4 YEAR WARRANTY on CONVERSION.